Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Steam Summer Sale 2019

Promo SteamSummerSale2019


The summer is here, and the heat in Finland is immense. Seriously, I thought last year we had a fantastic summer up here in the Far North, but now it's been even crazier. During midsummer, last weekend that is, I witnessed huge thunder storms and sunshine during one day.

This year has been incredible so far, and a lot of stuff has happened. In February we released an RPG on the mobile called Crypts of Death, and its reception has been great! I've also been helping out on an unannounced horror shooter project, doing character art and additional code for it.


In March I created this prototype demo for a story-oriented action-adventure game, called Hybrid Children. I applied for a grant of 5000 euros (approximately 5680 dollars), but sadly wasn't able to get the funding to develop this prototype further. What do you guys think, should we do an Indiegogo campaign on the game, to get the funding necessary to finish the project?

The screenshot above and the ones below are from that prototype. It was created in Unity, and is fully 3D as you can see. I also did a couple of test with a more Kalaban style perspective in addition to these.

KtuluTown 5

KtuluTown 11

To celebrate this Steam Summer Sale, I have decided to share a few screenshots uploaded by the community on Steam. It's always great to hear feedback and reviews on the game, and it's especially nice to see user-created content and / or fan art.

We spent two years slaving away on the game, and I don't think many people realize how long it took to implement all the open world elements and the story into it. Let alone all the unique background art that we created! After the release I have been updating the game, ironing out all the bugs reported by the community.

571520 screenshots 2017010423442
Some user in our community went into the game's ini file and gave himself loads of vitality and ammunition. It's always great to mess around with data files and see what happens.

571520 screenshots 2017050605274

571520 screenshots 2017050603394
Tyler, a user in the Kalaban community, uploaded several screenshots with his own captions drawn on them. I remember taking screen grabs and making my own modifications into them, like drawing a new first person weapon in Duke 3D.

571520 screenshots 2017050603210

"Sometimes a Small WC just isn't enough." Ain't that the truth?

Okay that's it for the screenshot review! Kalaban is on discount on Steam, Itch, Humble Store and Gamejolt.

If you haven't bought Kalaban yet, or have not tried the Horde mode demo, you can try it out beforehand:

Download Kalaban - Horde mode - Indie DB

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring Sale 88% !


Hello there!

My birthday is coming up, and I wanted to put Kalaban on sale to celebrate it! The game is available on 88% sale on, Gamejolt and HumbleBundle store and will be coming on sale on Steam.

The game was recently updated to a new 1.1.9 version, so there will be new stuff to see even for previous players. Many of the fixes in the new version were requested by our community.

Now is the best time to get the game, if you don't own it already.

Monday, January 14, 2019

2 Year Anniversary Patch



Phew! It's been a crazy year since I last updated Kalaban's blog page.

A lot has happened, and now Kalaban is finally being transferred to a new publisher in Steam. I have gotten my Steamworks developer account back, and I just recently released a new patch for the game. Here's a short list of the updates:

  • Auto-attack while you keep your Attack button down, and keep attacking through reload.
  • The description box on objects has been altered.
  • Esc on main menu will also act as a back function.
  • Main menu intro can be skipped.
  • Brightness setting fixed so that you cannot underset or overset the brightness.
  • All the white edges on the level backgrounds fixed.
  • WMV format on the Main menu background video clip.
  • Paula & Kaarina quest bug fixed where you cannot get the item if they have left.
  • Paula’s freezer taunt fixed after the story has gone forward.
  • Enemy health bar sometimes not appearing fixed.
  • Super armor now visible on paper doll in Inventory screen.
  • Fixed flamethrower damage on the Brambler monster.
  • Horde Mode item pickup recognition enhanced.
  • Horde Mode scene changing taken off because of confusion.

A lot of features on the update are stuff that I have planned to include in the game for over a year. Especially the auto-attack feature really enhances the gameplay feel in combat.

If you own Kalaban and haven't played the game in a while, give it a spin. Let's enjoy the 2 year anniversary of the game together!

Kalaban on Steam


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

100 Years of Independence



Today marks the 100th year of independence for Finland. To celebrate this, we have decided to release an early prototype version of Kalaban for all the gaming historians out there.

This version was released in September 2016 as the first Early Access version, and it was available at Gamejolt. Proto-Kalaban pre-dates the current Steam version by over a year. Many of the final scenes are in place, and all the basic enemies are featured. The gameplay is really rough, and you can see how much the game has evolved compared to the current version.

The vitality and food mechanics are in place, but as you can see from this version, the UI was still being perfected, and many of the features were missing. You can drop items to your hotbar for example, but you cannot drag & drop items to the Bob's full body portrait. Player character also has no animations for different weapons, only the axe and the pistol.

Many of the NPCs are missing, and the game doesn't keep track of your quests, and the levels don't remember which quest items you have already acquired. There are also way too many graphical glitches and bugs to even mention. Most of which have been fixed since.

Proto-Kalaban can be seen as an audiovisual portfolio of the game, and almost all of the music is in place already. If nothing else, people may find it curious to see a game in such a rough state, before it was perfected. It's quite remarkable that this game was developed with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which is not meant for open world action-adventure / RPG titles of this magnitude.

Naturally, there is no support for this version, as we've ceased the development of Kalaban already. You can find the up-to-date version of the game from Steam. Enjoy!

 Download Proto-Kalaban from IndieDB:


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Concerning Mutants


If you want to, you can imagine the classic film score by Howard Shore playing in the background.

Five years ago, before we made our triumphant return to game development, we released a 23-minute long film called 'The Mutants'. The short film took little under a year to produce, and was ultimately my thesis work for my Bachelor's Degree. Yes, I was definitely that weird art school kid.

The Mutants tells the story of a futuristic gladiator game, where super-powerful mutants battle till the death. It's a kind of Running Man (1987) meets Death Race 2000 (1975) type of story with a colorful mix of action game tropes.

The overall effect we had in mind was comical. We did consider some elements to be too silly, which we then cut from the script.

It was an extremely fun project to make, and although the language of the film is Finnish, we soon released English subtitles to it. At that point we had done multiple short film projects with the same group, and had already figured out the dynamics of our team, and who could do what. The film was shot in two cities, many miles apart, and it got its final cut in a student flat in Pori, where I lived at that time.

Shooting the film required a lot of work from everyone on the set. There were lights to set up, smoke machine to operate, locations to turn into film sets and a number of practical special effects. Many of the shots included visual effects which would be added in later, so they had to be storyboarded and carefully thought.

Most of the post-production was done by myself, but a fellow Rayhouse member, Miika Puurunen, also helped me with the effects. The fantastically retro soundtrack was done by Eetu Suoranta, the same man responsible for Kalaban's musical score.

Jyri Juhola plays Fred Foss, the sinister leader of the TV company.

I think the film gave most to the people who made it, but we also received positive feedback on release from friends, family and many of the students at my school. It was, first and foremost, meant as a parody and satire of old action games, and their carefree approach to storytelling.

After the release, one of the comments I heard about the product was that "it was another zombie film", which struck me as odd, because there were no zombies in it. The overall look and atmosphere felt weird and unique to me, balancing between intentional parody and unintended camp reflecting our filmmaking skills at the time.

The game has many subtle and not-so-subtle references to video games.

The name itself reveals a fascination towards the fantastical comic book creatures. Not quite man, although they have to eat and sleep, and can talk. They're something more, and perhaps all of our future. I've mentioned this in this blog before, but of the first game concepts I ever made was Metrocat, a game about a man turned into a cat-like hybrid by a twisted science experiment.

Crossing that line into the unknown has always fascinated me, becoming someone or something else than you already are. And that's what the mutants in Kalaban are about too. We do not portray them as purely evil cannon fodder, but as thinking and speaking creatures, with their own behavior. Unfortunately for the player, that behavior just happens to be in conflict with his or her intentions.

 The film both intentionally tried to imitate low-budget shlocky movies, but also looked unintentionally cheap at times.

All the visual effects in the movie were old-school 2D animation and fx shots made in After Effects. I didn't know how to make 3D animated stuff at the time.

Name: The Mutants 
Production company: Randomheads Films
Release date: June 29, 2012
Starring: Harri Jokinen, Joni Aaltonen, Tarmo Pasanen, Jyri Juhola, Miika Puurunen, Juha Peltomäki
Runtime: 23 minutes
Language: Finnish, subtitled in English